Lynch Associates

Workshops with Unique Content

The following is a list of our workshops that have unique content.

Developing Success Habits

This workshop helps people develop positive habits that will help them succeed in their work and careers. While many people develop habits that are destructive or that divert their energies away from the attainment of their goals, a few develop habitual ways of behaving and thinking that drive them automatically to success. In this workshop, participants learn the nature of habits and identify habits they have which may be getting in their way. They learn how to break old habits of thought and behavior and replace them with new, productive ones.

The Language of Leadership

Learn to communicate in ways that inspire commitment and create confidence. Participants will learn six skills that will allow you to lead your staff more effectively, improve productivity, and create better results for your organization.

How not to Micromanage: Empowering your people

“Letting go” doesn't mean losing control — it means giving yourself, and your team, the tools you need to get the job done. Learn how to motivate your employees by giving them more authority and control over their work, while building confidence and self-reliance.