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Workshops for Non-Profits

Building Better Boards

An agency's board is the key to its success. Where boards are active and sure of their role, typical agency problems such as inadequate funding, poor public image, and unfocussed program direction disappear. In this workshop, board members learn what their role should be and how best to carry it out. Workshop topics include: board responsibilities; the board's role in managing the agency; controlling through policies; optimum size and composition of the board; recruiting board members for results; how to make committees effective; how the board raises funds for the agency; and building a productive relationship with the executive director.

Designing Motivating Jobs for Volunteers and Staff

Many problems of modern organizations have their roots in poorly designed jobs. Although most managers are unaware of it, most jobs are designed so that they bring out the worst in people, make communication and supervision difficult, obscure the quality of performance, lead to worker alienation, and increase the amount of management effort and cost necessary to achieve results through people. In this workshop, participants learn to design jobs for volunteers or staff so that results are achieved as economically as possible and so that the worker gets maximum satisfaction form the work. Using the techniques learned in this seminar, managers are able to draw on the vast reserve of untapped employee and volunteer potential, focusing the power of that resource in an efficient and rewarding manner on accomplishing meaningful goals.

Developing a High-impact Volunteer Program

Non-profit organizations will never get all the funding they need to bring together all the skills necessary to fully accomplish their missions. To be as effective as possible, agencies must involve significant numbers of volunteers in professional and non-traditional capacities. In this workshop, participants learn how to identify ways in which volunteers can make a significant contribution toward achieving their agencies' missions. Volunteer programs grow in stature and effectiveness when utilizing these simple techniques.

Building Effective Teams

This workshop equips managers with skills to build a sense of commitment and connection in their people. It enables participants to unleash the synergistic power of the collective energies of their workforce, a power that is greater than the sum of its parts. Managers learn when teams are an appropriate work group model and how to develop people to take team responsibility. The ten characteristics of effective teams are presented. Participants learn how to turn groups of isolated individuals into a cohesive working group by focusing them on the purpose of the organization and tapping their motivational needs. Participants also learn skills in managing group interaction.

Helping Staff Work Effectively with Volunteers

This workshop is for those who work in agencies where volunteers are supervised by staff who may lack volunteer management skills. As a consequence, volunteer turnover may by high. In Some cases, volunteers who leave may have a negative view of the agency, thus creating a public image problem. This session show volunteer directors how to influence staff over whom they have no direct authority. It equips participants with the ability to develop a volunteer program that is supported strongly by staff and in which volunteers have are rewarding experience.

Managing Your Agency from A Marketing Perspective

In this seminar, participants learn how non-profits can increase the effectiveness of their service to clients by adopting a marketing perspective. Participants examine their agency from the points of view of the people they want to influence and learn how to increase the number of favorable transactions with such people. Participants learn how to apply marketing principles to the recruitment of volunteers, attraction of clients, raising of resources, and enhancement of the agency's public image.

Essential Volunteer Management

This workshop presents an overview of the main skills involved in managing a successful volunteer program. The workshop covers skills in recruiting volunteers, designing effective jobs, creating a positive motivational atmosphere, and identifying resources in this growing field. The workshop uses a number of powerful analogies to help participants understand what works and how to insure that volunteers receive their “motivational paycheck.”

Strategic Planning

Often conducted in a retreat setting, this seminar enables an agency to chart a prosperous course through the often troubled waters of the future. Participants will re-examine the agency's mission, identify current and potential obstacles to fulfilling that mission, and set goals which are most likely to make a significant impact. In doing so, participants learn to avoid the common pitfalls of agency planning efforts. Participants also learn to manage the agency so that all the energies of volunteers and staff are focused on achieving important goals.

Managing Quality Service

Sometimes agencies with high caliber people fail to deliver high-quality service to clients because of the way the service delivery system is designed and managed. This workshop equips managers of non-profit agencies with skills to remove barriers to high quality service. Topics include: the elements of outstanding customer service, how to ensure service quality, designing jobs for quality service, creating a system of quality service, empowering the front line, measuring service effectiveness, and establishing quality service values.