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Lynch Associates offers a unique blend of proven instruction for first-line supervisors, mid-level managers, and top executives. Our workshops are known for a combination of thought-provoking concepts, practical applications, and entertaining stories whose lessons stick with people for years after the session ends.

The Language of Leadership

Learn to communicate in ways that inspire commitment and create confidence. Participants will learn six skills that will allow you to lead your staff more effectively, improve productivity, and create better results for your organization.

Effective Teams: Creating a Positive Organizational Climate

Help your organization create an environment that encourages enthusiastic performance! Learn the tips and tools you'll need to diagnose and nurture an organization and a team that is rich in positive values, motivation, and teamwork.

How not to Micromanage: Empowering your people

“Letting go” doesn't mean losing control — it means giving yourself, and your team, the tools you need to get the job done. Learn how to motivate your employees by giving them more authority and control over their work, while building confidence and self-reliance.

Streamlining: Get More Done!

Weed out the inefficiencies in your organization. If you are responsible for a work team and have the authority to make changes in the way the work gets done, this workshop is for you! Learn to spot inefficiencies, reduce costs, improve service, and increase employee motivation.

Encouraging Legendary Performance: What Gets Measured Gets Done

Unleash the hidden potential of your staff — establish performance measures, and watch them excel. Healthy organizations encourage their employees to “keep reaching” for the next target. Learn how to use performance measures as a method for improving employee productivity.

Taking Charge: The Art of Leadership

Learn the sources of leadership influence, and what successful leaders do to encourage others to follow their lead. Explore the five creative tasks of leadership, and the skills necessary to discover your organization's core purpose.

Skills in Mid-level Management

This workshop equips mid-level managers with the skills and understanding necessary to fulfilling their crucial but often misunderstood role. Topics include the role of the mid-level manager, developing a positive organizational climate, streamlining the organizational structure, developing effective internal and external teams, developing effective organizational plans, improving organizational communication, and coaching first-line supervisors.

Managing Difficult People

This workshop enables managers to diagnose the causes of counter-productive behavior in the workforce. Managers learn how to deal with common types of difficult behavior, including passive resistance, back-stabbing, procrastination, aggressive adherence to minimum standards, abuse of sick leave, jumping from task to task without finishing, and laziness.

Managing Internal Customer Service

This workshop is for people who manage units such as data processing, purchasing, or telecommunications that provide services to fellow employees. It shows people how to organize, measure, and motivate to provide outstanding service to these internal customers, even though they have a monopoly on their business. As a result, employees are more productive and more fulfilled. Topics include the components of superior customer service, common bottlenecks and pitfalls, measuring performance, and communication skills.

Win-win Negotiating

People who work with others find themselves needing to negotiate with their coworkers or clients on a variety of issues. Often, these transactions leave one party feeling he or she has “lost”, which in turn leads to feelings of resentment and desire for revenge. Based on the method developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project, this workshop equips participants to develop win-win solutions to disputes of all kinds.

Long Distance Supervision

Some supervisors face the difficulty of not being in close physical proximity to the people they supervise. In such situations, unique supervisory problems tend to occur, such as people identifying more with the client than the organization, people pursuing their own agendas, and people operating in ignorance of decisions due to lack of communication. In this workshop participants learn techniques in long-distance communication, commitment-building, and control strategies, to solve these and other problems.

The Management Tripod

In this seminar, participants learn to manage more effectively by defining responsibility, authority, and accountability for each person they supervise. These three aspects of work are a tripod upon which worker productivity and morale rest. Without any of these aspects, managers have to struggle daily to overcome the destabilizing effects of a missing leg of the tripod.

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