Lynch Associates

Skills in Mid-level Management

This workshop equips mid-level managers with the skills and understanding necessary to fulfilling their crucial but often misunderstood role.

Who should attend

Both new and experienced mid-level managers will benefit.

New mid-level managers who:

  • Want to excel at their new job
  • Aren't sure how to handle some of their new responsibilities
  • Want to learn & network with their peers in other organizations

Experienced mid-level managers who:

  • Would like to enhance their skills
  • Want exposure to the latest best practices

What you'll learn

This comprehensive workshop is designed around “real world” issues and challenges that mid-level managers often find challenging. The seminar uses a blend of theory, practice, and discussion and includes several “real life” case studies. It also assumes that attendees bring many relevant work experiences with them to class; thus learning will also occur from sharing collective work experiences.

Sample topics covered

Day One: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself

  • The changing role of the mid-level manager
  • Differences between leading and managing; why important
  • Common hurdles facing state agency mid-level managers and ways to overcome them
  • Developing your personal influence as a leader – what it is & why it’s important
  • Learning “the language” of an optimistic leader; how to maintain a positive attitude (for yourself and in front of your people)
  • Building credibility with your peers: why it’s important and ways to do it effectively

Day Two: Bringing Out the Best in Your People

  • How to build and sustain effective work teams: common hurdles & how to overcome them
  • How to empower the supervisors that report to you without losing control
  • Four steps to coaching the supervisors that report to you
  • Managing by results – it really works! Learn why results-based managing actually motivates employees and makes your job easier too
  • Role of mid-level manager in establishing & sustaining meaningful performance efforts – how-to’s and common mistakes to avoid

Day Three: Bringing Out the Best in Your Organization

  • Creating a positive work climate & why it’s important
  • Establishing organizational values – best practices & how-to’s
  • Practical ideas for streamlining your organization
  • Using systems thinking to improve your decision-making
  • How to enhance perceptions of your organization
  • Applying this workshop when back on the job

Added bonus: A copy of Precision Management by Rick Lynch is included with course materials