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By strengthening people's self-image and self-esteem, these workshops help participants to achieve more of their full potential. The workshops help people set goals, solve problems, manage time, establish positive habits, and make more productive and healthier decisions.

Developing Success Habits

This workshop helps people develop positive habits that will help them succeed in their work and careers. While many people develop habits that are destructive or that divert their energies away from the attainment of their goals, a few develop habitual ways of behaving and thinking that drive them automatically to success. In this workshop, participants learn the nature of habits and identify habits they have which may be getting in their way. They learn how to break old habits of thought and behavior and replace them with new, productive ones.

Achieving Outstanding Customer Service

This workshop improves participants' skills in providing services to others, whether they are clients of the organization or other employees. It analyzes the components of customer service and common reasons for failure in this area. Skills learned include: communicating effectively, analyzing customer needs, overcoming customer resistance, dealing with difficult customers, and service recovery. Armed with the skills learned in this workshop, participants will be able to provide service that produces customer satisfaction.

Do More With Less: Time Management

This workshop presents a very simple but very powerful three-step system that enables anyone to get more important work done in a more efficient manner. Participants learn how to make things happen instead of merely reacting to external deadlines. They learn to focus their energies on high-payoff activities, increase their efficiency, block interruptions, handle paperwork more effectively, and overcome procrastination.

Working with Your Boss

This workshop helps people create a more productive relationship with their supervisors. It teaches employees how they can help their boss be a more effective manager and how they can get more satisfaction from their jobs. As a result, the organization can move more rapidly.

Personal Strategic Planning

In this workshop participants learn to identify what they want in life and to make effective plans to achieve it. Topics include goal-setting, overcoming internal conflict, and action planning.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

For all of us, our beliefs about what we can achieve can limit our possibilities. In this workshop, participants learn how to identify such limiting beliefs, how they work to limit us, and how to establish a more productive self-image. As a consequence, participants are able to fulfill more of their true potential.


The difference between success and failure often lies in a person's ability to keep going in the face of life's inevitable setbacks. This workshop presents a method for maintaining an optimistic attitude in the face of adversity. The four components of a positive attitude are presented, and participants learn the steps to go through to keep life's setbacks from overwhelming them. The skills leaned in this workshop help people to be positive with themselves and others, even in difficult times.

Career Management

This workshop helps participants identify career goals, see how they can advance their careers by producing in their present jobs, plan for future movement, and overcome internal, personal barriers to success. By gaining a sense of career direction and control over it, a person's morale and productivity are increased. When employees are getting somewhere in their careers, their organizations are more effective.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

People find success easier when they have a positive attitude. Our life experiences sometimes push us toward the negative, however. This workshop equips participants with skills in maintaining a positive attitude, even when things go very wrong. By possessing these skills, participants will be able to maintain their own positive outlook and motivate those around them to keep trying in the face of adversity, thereby contributing to better customer service and a positive atmosphere in their organizations.