Lynch Associates

Developing Success Habits

As Napoleon Hill observed many decades ago, "Your every success and failure are the result of habits you have formed." Most people have developed unproductive habits that keep them from the success they desire. Such habits are hard to break, however, because they are deeply engrained in the neural pathways of the brain. In this highly interactive workshop, participants learn how to change habits of thought and action and thereby make their success much easier.

Who should attend

People who are interested in getting out of their own way and achieving more success in life will profit from the skills learned in this workshop.

What you'll learn

Participants will learn how our habits of thought and action control our possibilities and why they are so hard to break. They will learn productive, metal habits that produce a positive attitude. And they will learn an eight-step approach to break destructive habits and establish new, productive ones. The result is increased self confidence, happiness, and well-being.

Sample topics covered

  • The four types of automatic, habitual behavior
  • How our habits affect our emotions and our outlook
  • How habits form and the role they play in our daily lives
  • How habits promote success characteristics
  • How to change a mental habit
  • How to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity
  • How to eliminate the burdens of your past
  • How to failure-proof yourself and others
  • Setting exciting personal goals
  • Eight steps to changing a habit


  • An exclusive approach to a positive mental attitude developed by Richard Lynch
  • An opportunity to practice the skills demonstrated in the workshop
  • Free telephone or e-mail assistance after the workshop ends