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Achieving Outstanding Customer Service

Nothing is more critical to an organization's success than the way it takes care of its customers. In the long term, companies that provide outstanding service will do much better than those who do not. Good customer service, however, does not happen by accident. It is a result of the organization's values, management, and systems. But above all it is a consequence of the skills of its front line personnel.

Who should attend

This workshop is for people who provide a service to others in their work. These others could be external customers, i.e. people from outside the organization, or they could be internal customers, other employees of the organization who are recipients of a service.

What you'll learn

Memorable customer service is about exceeding customer expectations. This may involve heroic gestures, where the customer service representative 'goes the extra mile' for the customer. More commonly, it is about doing a lot of little things consistently well. In this workshop, participants will practice skills in both areas.

Sample topics covered

The nature of good customer service

  • Seven common pitfalls of customer service
  • The most critical, distinguishing factors in positive customer service
  • Practical actions that make up provide world-class service

Meeting customer needs

  • Three needs that all customers have all the time
  • How to keep the customer from having to do the work to be served
  • Little things that make a big difference to the customer

Handling difficult situations

  • The ripple-effect of one unhappy customer
  • Strategies to make the customer happy
  • Dealing with abusive internal customers

Communications skills to turn impossible situations around

  • Using positive language
  • Active listening
  • Getting the upset customer to calm down

Making recommendations to improve your customer service system

  • The moments of truth in your customer service system
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance the impression of the customer
  • Making recommendations to management

How to recover when things go wrong

  • The Service Recovery Model
  • Keeping the promise to the customer.


  • Opportunities to practice all customer service skills
  • Practical ways to enhance customer service ability